Hospital must pay city of Quincy before the doors can open

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By Alice Du Pont

Before the city of Quincy will turn the lights and gas on at the hospital, a deposit of $57,485.84 will be required, according to a letter sent to Craig McMillan, chairman of the Gadsden Community Hospital Board of Directors. The letter was sent by Ann Sherman, Quincy's director of customer service.

"As you are aware, when the hospital filed bankruptcy in 2005, the hospital (operator) owed the city of Quincy $143,317.75. These funds were never collected and as such are still outstanding. Due to these circumstances and along with the city's new policy, the deposit required is for new service," Sherman wrote.

If a security bond is not posted and if the deposit is not made, Sherman said, no service will be established at the location. And, if the hospital opens additional accounts, the deposit is subject to change.

Sherman said the information was provided to assist the county in its plan to reopen the hospital.

The board cannot act on the letter, nor does it have the funds to pay a security deposit.

Clyde Collins said the builders are in the process of installing items that will have to be tested and that full power will be needed.

"The cheapest way is for the insurance company to handle this," McMillan suggested. Gadsden County commissioners will address the letter during their April 7 meeting.