Hispanic-American Basketball League is a family affair

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By The Staff

    Every Sunday morning a friendly mixture of Spanish and English permeates the air in the Joe Ferolito Recreation Center on Graves Street in Quincy. The men, often over 50, arrive in uniforms ready for their chance on the court for a good game of basketball. They are known as the Hispanic-American Basketball League and 10 teams make up the league. Its members are mainly from Gadsden County and south Georgia. The games are a family affair as wives, children, uncles, cousins and friends take their places in the stands to cheer on their favorite teams. The games are friendly but intense.

    Authentic Mexican foods are sold by vendors, but get there early because the food is good and goes fast. Games begin around 8 a.m. and last until early afternoon.

     Sunday, in the last game of the day, the fourth place Bucs took on the ninth place Hidalgiese.

    Here are the team standings:

    1. Magics

    2. Raptors

    3. Guatemalan

    4. Bucs

    5. Los Amigos

    6. Tarasco

    7. Michoacan

    8. Los Alcones

    9. Hidalgiese

    10. Agulas

    The top scorers so far this season are: M. Dega, A. Ptero, D. Hernandez, L. Silva, H. Caro, J. Corpus, C. Callejas, D. Calljas and O. Rivera.