Havana goes for simulated gaming

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By Ray Willis

Ordinance No. 355, regulating the use and operation of simulated gaming, was passed by the Havana Town Council at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday morning.

The council also approved Jan. 21 as a day for the celebration of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr. A parade will start at 10 a.m. in town. A local police escort will be provided.

A motion to approve an agreement between the town of Havana and the Florida Rural Broadband Alliance failed to pass. Town Manager McKinnon provided some details. The town’s water tank would be used to install broadband equipment for wireless Internet connectivity. Twenty feet of the circumference of the tank would be used and would not take up much room and shouldn’t be in the way. Also, for the first five years, no rent would be collected. After the first five years, the town manager said approximately $26,000 per year in rent to the town could be expected. Several of the council members asked questions about the proposal. McKinnon said he would have a representative of the company attend the next town meeting to provide more detail and answer questions from the council.

John Blount, a Havana resident, addressed the Council. He was concerned that a storm water drain recently installed between 10th and 12 Avenues appeared to be too high for water to drain. Blount has worked on and been concerned with the drain for the past 10 years. The drain seems to be non-functional at this time and should be lower in order to collect water. McKinnon agreed with the observation and said he would have the drain looked at.

McKinnon reported the storm water project had begun and the infrastructure for the drain pipe to be laid will occur soon. The town’s holiday festival recently held was a success. The removal of the asbestos from the old motel took almost a week; however, it took only a day and a half for the demolition of the building. Final bill has not been received yet, but is expected to be about $41,000.

Councilwoman McGill said the town had had a great year and hoped a new motel/hotel would soon be constructed on the same site as the one recently demolished.