Haunted maze right for screaming, howling

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Times Correspondent

When darkness falls and the gate is open, a number of people lined up to enter the Haunted Millet Maze this past weekend at Rocky Comfort Farm. The maze is a course set up through a millet field decorated with spider webs and skeletons — and visitors shouldn’t be surprised to wind up at a few dead ends.

Debbie Parramore, owner of the farms, puts on this event every year. 

“We are here to serve the public,’ she said. “Smile, smile, smile. Serve, serve, serve is our motto.”

Parramore inherited 230 acres of farmland when her grandparents passed away. She didn’t want the land to go to waste or have people come and build random buildings on it, so she decided to make it an agritourism destination. 

She started opening the farm to visitors in 2010. Back then, few people came, but as the years have passed more and more people are starting to hear about it and coming out to join the festivities. 

“I haven’t went through the maze, but I hear people coming out of it screaming all the time,” said Wendy Taylor, who works at the farm. “And I don’t think I have the guts to go through the trail either.” 

The millet maze is the big attraction around Halloween time. The haunted trail has one way in and one way out. Other attractions at the farm include a pumpkin patch, hay rides and sometimes entertainment during the day. But the real fun begins when the sun goes down.

“This year we collaborated with the Women of the Moose. They were in charge of the decorations and what goes on in the maze,” said Parramore. “From the screams I hear coming from the maze, I don’t think I can go through it.” 

Parramore recently teamed up with Tallahassee Community College to plan some future fundraising with their recreation classes The haunted maze is not the only time event for which the farm is open; it also offers Christmas and Easter festivities. In addition, the farm can also accommodate field trips, family outings, weddings and other special events.