Good things are happening

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By Angye Morrison

It’s funny how things go sometimes. In recent months, the Times has been congratulated for its coverage of some controversial subject matter, yet kicked in the teeth for the same coverage. We’ve received positive comments from those who like that our Web site, www.gadcotimes.com, is the best local source for breaking news in the county. Yet we hear commentary from those who are upset that our print coverage is sometimes not as current.

So I wanted to take the time to explain why this is.

Over a year a go, we changed printers in order to prevent our production costs from increasing. That cost increase would have been passed on to you in the form of higher subscription and newstand prices. We didn’t want to do that, with the economy being what it was at the time.

So we changed printers and kept our costs where they were at the time. But that meant a change in our deadlines. We must have the paper to our printer each Tuesday by 4 p.m. so that we can pick it up and get it to the post office on time on Wednesday, to ensure that you get your paper on time. We are still able to get the paper in the racks around the county on Wednesday afternoon, and those who subscribe receive their copy each week on Thursday or Friday, depending on their location.

In order to make all of that happen, our deadlines were moved back. This has taken some getting used to by all parties, including us. We still find that many people don’t know our deadlines have changed, even more than a year after the fact and despite our publishing them each week in the paper.

The earlier deadlines mean that we save money, but also that we sometimes can’t get a story in the paper until the following week. That’s why we encourage our readers to check our Web site frequently. We publish stories on our site often that don’t make it into the print edition until the following week, due to our deadlines.

We realize that some of our readers don’t have computers or access to one, while others just plain prefer to hold the paper in their hands each week. We appreciate your faithfulness to us. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing the “pop” of the door closing repeatedly on the rack outside our front door each Wednesday afternoon. And we love getting the phone calls each Wednesday, asking “Is the paper back yet?”

We are still working to bring you the best and most current coverage of Gadsden County that we can. And in 2010, you’re going to see some changes that will make the Times even better.

Just keep that news rack a-poppin’.

E-mail your comments and suggestions to me at editor@gadcotimes.com.