Get out the measuring tape...let's see if I stack up

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By Angye Morrison

I'm wondering about life. I wonder if someone's measuring mine with a tape measure like the one Mary Poppins used. Her measurement read, "Practically perfect in every way." I wonder what mine would say.

There are days I feel like an utter failure. I haven't done the things that were expected of me. I didn't get married, although I'm not opposed to the institution if the right man came along. I haven't produced any redheaded grandchildren. I don't own a lot and I don't care if I ever do. I haven't written the great American novel yet, although I've written some darn good stuff in my day, if I do say so mahself.

But I have done a lot of things I'm quite proud of. I've earned my spot as a journalist and editor. I have worked with lots and lots of students over the years as a student "minister" (or mentor or whatever you'd like to call it) and I think all of "my kids" have turned out quite well – not my doing, mind you. It's all a God thing. I've served on several mission fields. I've forged relationships with some of the greatest people on the face of this planet. I have placed incredibly high importance on my family. I have loved and honored my parents. I adore my niece and nephews. I'm so proud of them and their daddies I could bust! I have sung songs that have moved people to tears. I have written stuff that did the same.

So I guess I'm not a total dud. Mind you...I am not throwing myself a pity party. I don't believe in them. They're a waste of time. But re-evaluation...now there's something worth doing.

When I think of me, I prefer to think of myself as an unclaimed treasure. And so...as such...I sally forth.

I love that term...sally forth. Such a great mental picture.

So, I'll continue to forge ahead. I love the Steven Curtis Chapman song, "The Great Adventure." It's been my creed. It's been how I've chosen to live my life. So I suppose Mary's tape measure, when held up to my life, would read, "Saddle up."

And with that...I sally forth.

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