Four cities face April elections

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Quincy, Gretna, Midway and Chattahoochee

By Alice Du Pont

      Quincy, Gretna, Midway, and Chattahoochee will hold city elections April 26.
The deadline for qualifying was March 18 at 12 noon and there were a few surprises.
    • In Quincy City Commissioner Keith Dowdell has no opposition in District 1. Larry Edwards, a former commissioner, faces a political newcomer Wade Williams to represent District 5.
    • In Gretna incumbent Helen Franks has a challenge from former councilman John Edward Smith, Jr. to hold Seat 2. Political newcomer Derby L. Rollins has mounted a challenge against incumbent Anthony Jerome Baker for Seat 4 and another newcomer James J. Payne will face Etta W. Smith for Seat 5.
    • In Chattahoochee, Chris Moutlry has drawn no opposition and will continue to represent District 2. The race for District 4 will be between Robert (Bob) Messer and Kenneth W. (Ken) Kimrey.
    • No oppositon faces John Matthew Thro, Don Vickers or David Norman in Havana where seats in District 1,2, and 3 could have been contested.
    • In Greensboro Clarence Rowan, Johnnie B. Toole, and Wilford Kennedy are unopposed and will continue to hold seats 1,2, and 3 respectively.
    • In Midway, 4 council members are challenged. In District 1, Ella Parker Dickey and Patrick L. Johnson are trying to unseat Councilman Charlie S. Smith. Incumbent Delores Madison faces a challenge from Wanda Jackson Range in District 3. While Jerrod W. Holton will try to stave off Carolyn Russ Francis to hold on to his seat in District 5. In District 7, former Mayor Quintealia Cato will face newcomer Allean Robinson.
    For more information about these elections, call the Office of the Supervisor of Elections office at 627-9910.