Former opponent asks for support of newly appointed judge

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By The Staff

On Nov. 16 Kathy Garner took office as Gadsden County judge, having been appointed by the governor to replace the honorable Stewart Parsons, who is retiring.

Many of you know that I, along with five other attorneys, applied for the position of county court judge.  I applied because I love this county and wanted to serve its people, about whom I care so much. The application and vetting process is complicated and intense. During the more than 13 years I have lived and worked in Gadsden County I have been privileged to meet and get to know so many wonderful people who live here.  I was truly humbled by all of the support I received.  Thank you all so very, very much. You are the reason my wife and I choose to live in and raise our children here in beautiful Gadsden County.

However, the appointment process is now over and we have a new county judge.  Garner deserves our respect and our support in her new position.  I ask all the people of Gadsden County to welcome Garner as she takes the bench and wish her the best.


Frank Allman