Food service workers honored for service, dedication

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By The Staff

The Food Service Management Team, in conjunction with Superintendent Reginald James and the Gadsden County School Board, recognized Food Service Department managers, employees and retirees with a banquet on May 15 at the Parkway Conference Center in Quincy.

The retirees, Lessie Jackson, Johnny Sweet and Lois Carroll, were presented with a plaque and thanked for their many years of service.

The managers and employees were commended and thanked for their untiring commitment and dedication. They were also praised and challenged to continue to make a difference in the lives of Gadsden County students by ensuring that they are nutritionally fed which has a direct impact on their learning ability. They were presented with several tokens for their service.

The FSMT recognized Gadsden County is ranked in the top percentile of poverty-stricken counties in the state. Therefore, the tteam has worked diligently to implement innovative ways to ensure that all students who are eligible for free and or reduced meals are registered. The team also recognized the need for up to date and energy efficient kitchen equipment. Over the past two years approximately $180,000 has been spent on upgrading kitchen equipment.

Recently, the team applied for approximately $500,000 through a competitive stimulus grant funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. If approved, the funds will be used to purchase steamers, braising pans, mixers, stacked ovens, refrigerators, serving lines, vertical cutters and energy efficient exhaust hoods.

In addition, the team celebrated its most recent accomplishment of not having any audit findings in the 2008 Auditor General Report.

The management team consists of Paula Milton, Melanie Davis, Dusty House, Dennis Wester and Bruce James.