Fleeing suspect crashes into patrol car

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By Robert Allen

A pre-dawn car chase through the city streets of Quincy turned to a foot pursuit before Gadsden County deputies and a Quincy police officer caught suspect Emmanuel Jerome Gordon, 28. 

According to the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Deputy Marcus Dixon was traveling westbound on Jefferson Street when he spotted a white Ford F-150, westbound, speeding and swerving. 

Dixon turned his patrol car around but, according to the report, Gordon continued to accelerate, running a traffic light at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Pat Thomas Parkway. 

According to the GCSO report, Gordon then turned left onto Ben Bostick Road and continued speeding. He tried to turn left onto Atlanta Street but Gordon missed the turn, driving along the shoulder before returning to the roadway and colliding with Dixon’s patrol car, which the deputy had stopped on Atlanta Street. 

Gordon then turned south onto Kingswood Road — a dead end — and, according to the report, continued at a high rate of speed. Before reaching that dead end, the suspect turned right onto Martin Street, right onto Luther Road, right onto Kingswood Road, again, and then repeated the same circuit.

Dixon, who was able to read the truck’s tag when Gordon wrecked into the patrol car, ran the number and discovered the vehicle was registered to an address on Martin Street. The suspect drove the truck into the backyard of this address and fled. 

At this point, according to the report, Deputy Buddy Knight arrived on the scene. Dixon directed Knight to Pine Tree Lane, the next street south of Martin, in an attempt to locate the suspect. As Dixon then began knocking on homeowners’ door to inform them of the situation, Lt. Howell from the Quincy Police Department arrived with his police dog, Fiego. 

According to the report, when Howell and the dog stepped on the scene, Dixon said he saw a man flee from the rear of the residence, jump over a fence in the backyard and run toward Pine Tree Lane — where Knight was already waiting. The positioned deputy apprehended Gordon without further incident.

A search of the truck yielded one plastic bag of marijuana and 16 suspected amphetamine pills, according to the report. 

According to a supplemental GCSO report, after his arrest, Gordon began trying to kick out the windows of the patrol car after being placed inside. He was then transferred to a different officer’s car, which had bars across the glass. 

Aside from a Leon County warrant for withholding child support and license suspension at the time of the incident, Gordon is now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, possession of amphetamines, possession of marijuana, resisting an officer and a moving traffic violation.