FDLE probe clears official

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By Cheri Harris

No charges will be filed related to an investigation into the Quincy city election this past April.

According to Florida Department of Law Enforcement documents obtained by the Times, Angela G. Sapp had filed a complaint against Gadsden County Commissioner Sherrie Taylor. Sapp lost the April 2013 District 2 City Commissioner race in Quincy to Micah Brown. According to FDLE, Sapp alleged some voters used false registration information to participate in the election. She also alleged that Taylor solicited absentee ballots from several voters and made promises or representations to individuals regarding compensation for their vote.

These alleged actions were to favor Brown, who is the District 2 Commissioner. Sapp noted in her complaint that there were an unprecedented number of absentee ballots turned in during the 2013 election, with more absentee ballots turned in than walk-up voters. Her complaint included a list of 41 voters she felt should be questioned about their absentee ballots.

An FDLE investigator sent an investigative case summary Oct. 17 to Assistant State Attorney Rick Combs and the investigator received a letter Dec. 16 from Combs informing him that after reviewing the investigation, there was insufficient evidence to substantiate any of the complaints, and he declined to file any charges.

Taylor said, “I’m glad that the system proved that everything was done with integrity, and that people should not be afraid to vote.” 

One of the allegations in the complaint was that some voters had voted improperly and FDLE investigators contacted these residents to question them, according to FDLE documents.

“Once they had that coming into their homes, into their living rooms, that now made a lot of them leery about exercising their right to vote,” Taylor said.

Sapp declined to comment on the outcome of the