Escapee caught after days on the loose

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By Alice Du Pont

Eighteen-year-old Roy Jones Jr. was picked up Monday night by law enforcement officers while he was walking alone on Highway 12 in Quincy.

Jones jumped out of a transport van on the way back to the county jail last Friday afternoon. He offered no resistance during his arrest Monday night.

Despite the use of tracking dogs, officers on foot, a helicopter circling most of the day and taped calls to all citizens in the city, Jones managed to elude officers for more than three days.

Lt. Jim Corder of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office said late Sunday some leads had been called in, but the number was fewer than expected, and Jones had not been sighted by anyone in law enforcement.

"This is really baffling. He has no resources, no out of town relatives and none of his family are willing to take him in. We feel he has changed clothes and is no longer in the plastic cuffs he was wearing," Corder said at that time.

Jones was handcuffed and wearing the bright orange jail-issued jumpsuit. He had just been sentenced to 2 and a half years probation for a sudden snatching robbery in 2008.

He was arrested a few days ago on charges of violation of probation, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

About 10 other inmates were in the van along with Jones, but none of them attempted to escape while the van was stopped at the intersection of Kent and Crawford streets.

Corder said earlier this week that the number of calls and tips he received was “overwhelming at times.” Someone called his office and notified Corder that an individual was walking alone near Highway 12, near Quincy Creek.

The tip was one of 60 the sheriff’s office received, and it ultimately led to Jones’ arrest.