Don't wish the ship would sink when you're on board

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By Alice Du Pont

As of last Friday President Barack Obama has been in office one month. But from some of the comments I have heard on television and radio, and from individuals, you would think the man had been in office for four or five years.

It started the day he was sworn into office. Immediately, some of the people over at Fox News were counting the minutes. It was almost as if they were saying,"Well, he's been in office for 30 minutes. Now let's see what he can do."

The next day, it was, "He's been in office for a whole day and what has he done? Nothing."

That's not exactly what the newscasters said, but you get my drift. It sure seemed that way to me and to a lot of other people as well. From conversations with other people, I understand they feel the same way as I on this issue. People are fed up with the unfair criticism of Obama. They voted for him and he was elected. What we all ought to do is get behind him and support him. If your man didn't win, get over it.

A good friend of mine, Beverly, and I were talking last week and she said she overheard some people at a restaurant in Clearwater recently saying that they hoped Obama's plans would fail. That is both sad and unfortunate, not to mention just plain dumb.

It is sad because he is our president, and whether you supported him or not at the ballot box, we all need to support what he has to offer to help get us out of this mess that it took the former president eight years to accomplish. Secondly, it is unfortunate that many people, including me, hoped that we had moved beyond the I'd-rather-see-something-fail-because-the-person-with-the-solution-is not-like-me mentality that so many held for so long in this country.

But as Beverly and I talked about what she had overheard, I remembered my parents saying to us during many of their talks about life that "you can't keep a person in the ditch unless you stay down there with them." As a child, I couldn't figure out what that meant, but when the light bulb came on and I realized what the saying meant, my attitude changed about a lot of things. There are people in the world who are so hate-filled and small-minded that they would rather see this nation go down in smoke rather than support a plan recommended by someone they don't like.

I saw somewhere on a church marquee the saying, "To belittle someone is to be little." For some reason that stuck with me, and when I run across those who belittle others, that pops into my mind. That's what popped into my mind while Beverly and I talked.

Economic problems in this country did not start Jan. 20, 2009. They actually began, in my opinion, Jan. 20, 2000. For the past eight years, things have gone from good to bad to terrible. So when Obama put his hand on that Bible last month, he knew full well what he was getting himself into. He never tried to fool anyone that the road ahead would be easy or that he had all of the answers. What he had was a plan to move us forward with the help of the people and hopefully in a couple or three years, we'd be out of this mess.

But "haters" seem to be in abundance and that is also sad. However, it is just plain dumb to hope that the captain of the ship fails while you're on board.