Don't make comments unless you know what you're talking about

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By Alice Du Pont

Last week was a busy one for law enforcement and a sad one for several families who had to bury loved ones. It happens all too frequently in our state and in our nation. But I suppose I am most bothered by some of the comments people make about Gadsden County. It appears that some of our neighbors are chomping at the bit and waiting for a tragedy to befall our community so they can take pot-shots at us.

The most troubling and insulting comment came from someone who wrote: "Let's bulldoze Gadsden County and start from scratch."

I thought about those words for a long time and wondered why a person would say such a thing.

Should we bulldoze Tallahassee, the state or the nation because they also experience domestic violence? Should we bulldoze everywhere there is violence among teenagers and young adults? If we follow the logic of a fool the entire United States would have been plowed under years ago.

Initially, I thought the person was mean-spirited but the more I contemplated what kind of person would say that about an entire community, my feelings are that this is a mean-spirited and hateful person. We have too many of that kind roaming this county and wishing for the demise of others.

Suppose someone accused him or her of being a bad mother or father? Should we take their kids away because of our personal feelings? The easiest thing in the world to do is sit back and criticize. You see, some folks need to belittle others to make themselves feel big. I suspect that deep down, nothing makes them feel better about their miserable lives and their own shortcomings.

So Mr. or Ms. who thinks Gadsden County ought to be bulldozed, people in Gadsden couldn’t care less about your opinion. Just please, stay away from us.

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