Doctor says it’s wakeup time

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By The Staff

Do you recall the outrage of the proposed coal plant for Taylor County several years ago? Much of the medical community and many Tallahasseans were outraged about the deadly health impacts and the global warming that would have resulted from its construction.

The plant was fortunately not constructed, but now Leon County residents face  another health risk  from the biomass plants proposed for nearby Gretna and other counties in North Florida and South Georgia.

Cancer rates are higher in communities that have incinerators and there is no fence in the sky that can be built to prevent the hazardous gases from blowing into our lungs. Leon County already has the highest level of particle pollution in the state.

Let me refresh your memory on the Vioxx scandal. The pharmaceutical company  promoted the painkiller even though its scientists knew the drug caused heart attacks.This was a campaign to enrich corporate profits at the expense of patient's health.

Finally the press and the public awoke from a deep slumber and multimillion dollar lawsuits and Congressional hearings ensued and the drug was taken off the market.

Poisonous gases emitted from the proposed Gretna and other biomass plants not only cause heart attacks, but also  malignancy, shortened lives, asthma attacks and strokes and pregnant women exposed to high levels of air pollution give birth to children with decreased IQs.

It is wakeup time.The public has a right not be exposed to risky pharmaceuticals nor poisoned air. The health you save from opposing the Gretna and other proposed biomass plants for this area could be your own.

Dr. Ronald Saff,                                     

Member, Physicians for Social Responsibility                                                                                                           Member, Floridians Against Incinerators in Disguise