Deputy interrupts suspected drug sale

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By Robert Allen

Three men were arrested on drug-related charges at 2:45 p.m. May 2 during a traffic stop at the corner of Madison and King streets in Quincy. The suspects are Christopher Eugene Lockett, 36; Michael Johnson, 25; and Conterious Lamar Nash, 31. 


According to a GCSO report, at the time of his arrest Lockett told deputies he had drugs in his possession and he knew he was going to jail. 

According to the same report, the pursuit began when a patrolling county deputy was travelling west on Highway 12. The deputy noticed two vehicles, a white GMC SUV and a gold Chrysler sedan, parked in the middle of Neals Temple Road, just west of Havana. 

A man unidentified by the report was standing alongside the two vehicles when the deputy passed. When he spotted the marked patrol car he stepped away — and both cars pulled out. The GMC headed west. 

The patrolling officer, too far behind, called ahead on his radio, contacting a second unit already at the intersection of Madison and King. The GMC was stopped there without incident. 

The same report indicates one officer searched the GMC after noticing a strong smell of marijuana. This search yielded no results. The first officer asked a second officer to conduct another search, pointing him toward the front of the vehicle where the scent was strongest. 

The second officer found a black nylon bag hidden on the floor under the center of the dash. According to the report, the bag contained 1,175 grams of suspect marijuana, 10.2 grams of suspected powder cocaine, 5 grams of methamphetamines, and 0.5 grams of crack cocaine. The bag also contained a scale, extra baggies and a snorting straw. 

According to the report, all the substances tested positive — and all were packaged to sell. 

Deputies also found that Locket was carrying almost $1,500 in cash on his person.

Nash is charged with probation violation. No bond was set. 

Locket is charged with drug possession, cocaine possession, drug equipment possession, two counts of marijuana possession, and probation violation. No bond was set. 

Johnson is charged with drug possession, cocaine possession, drug equipment possession and two counts of marijuana possession. His bond was set at $15,500.