County officials urge residents to keep their cool

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By Alice Du Pont

Maj. Shawn Wood, director of emergency management, together with the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, is advising people to stay inside and keep a cool as possible.

"The temperatures we're now experiencing are dangerous for the elderly and the very young. Families and neighbors should not assume that old people are OK," he said.

Wood said there haven't been any calls to his office complaining of the heat or heat related problems but summer began June 21 and July and August are typically the hottest months for the county.

"Those who work outside know what to do such as keeping hydrated and limiting their work to the early mornings and late afternoons when possible," he said.

Robert Presnell, the county's public works director, said no special adjustments have been made for employees who work outside all day.

"They get two breaks in addition to lunch. We provide them with ice and coolers and urge them to drink plenty of fluids. I understand that this heat wave might break this week so that will be helpful," he said.

People who have health issues, such as respiratory and heart problems, should be aware that they need to take special care to beat the heat, Wood said.

Quincy city manager Jack McLean said the city has no special provisions for helping people with their utility bills as the temperatures swell.

"The only thing we have, like we do in winter months, is a for for people with unusual hardships. The heat is different because this is Florida, and people seem better able to cope with the heat than the cold," he said.