County layoffs loom; positions targeted for Sept. 1

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By Alice Du Pont

Johnny Williams, Gadsden County administrator, said has put seven county employees on notice that they will be laid off as of Sept. 1.

“As I have said before, this is not punitive. The county has to save money and there was some duplication of services. We thought it fair to put them on notice that their positions were under consideration for elimination," Williams said.

The individuals and positions that will be eliminated are:

• Wallisa Cobb, management analyst in the Department of Community Development

• Arkeba Bouie, project coordinator, Office of Management and Budget

• Spencer Bowens, facilities manager

• Stacey Hannigon, administrative assistant to facilities manager

• Amy O'Donnell, planner

• Melissa Wimberly, planner

A vacant administrative position will also be eliminated.

Williams initially told Gadsden County commissioners  he could be looking at up to 20 layoffs. The six layoffs and the eliminated position will save the county approximately $417,000 this year.

He commended commissioners for further preliminary cuts to the 2009-10 budget in a workshop July 28.

"They gave up their own pet projects to save jobs. As of today, it looks like we won't have any more layoffs. It's not final but if the commissioners keep it up, we'll be in good shape," Williams said.