County EMS director resigns

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By Alice Du Pont

Gadsden County Emergency Medical Services Director Brian Beasley has resigned his position, effective Nov. 13. Capt. Larry Crum, shift commander with EMS, has been named interim director until a permanent replacement is hired.


Johnny Williams, county administrator, would not discuss Beasley's resignation, calling it a personnel matter.

"This is considered a personnel matter and it is our policy not to discuss personnel matters. This is for the protection of the employee and of the county," Williams said.

Beasley said he had no choice other than to resign.

"He (Williams) called me in and demoted me at 9:30 Friday morning. He was unbearable to work with and I would have lost 800-plus hours in vacation and sick pay. I would have been the same as a beginning EMS instead of a department head. He has been after me for a while. There was all kinds of stuff. I couldn't do anything right. He messed with me," Beasley said.

Beasley's resignation letter accuses Williams of verbal abuse, conducting an unfair employment evaluation and creating a work environment that did not foster high morale.

Beasley also wrote that commission Chairman Eugene Lamb sent him a message through Clyde Collins, facilities director, ordering Beasley to "stay away" from Commissioner Brenda Holt. The message, Beasley said, was preceived as a threat to his job.

"I've never sent that man a message by anyone. As far as his resignation is concerned, that is between him and the administrator. I have repeatedly stated that the board of county commissioners has nothing to do with the day-to-day operations of the county. That is not what we're supposed to do," Lamb said.

Collins also denied delivering any message.

"Brian is a friend of mine. But no, I never took  him a message from Commissioner Lamb or anyone," he said.

Holt said she believes the accusations in Beasley's letter. She said after talking to at least 15 county employees she was informed by them later that Williams and Lamb ordered them to not discuss county business with her.

Beasley also referenced Commissioner Doug Croley in his letter regarding late payments to Quincy for fire protection.

"I don't know what he's talking about. The EMS director does not pay bills; that’s the Clerk of Courts," Croley said.

Beasley's wife, Rhonda, called Williams’ actions against her husband politically motivated and said her husband has been the target of Williams’ wrath since June 8, when Beasley was given a written reprimand for insubordination.