Country Common Sense

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September 30, 2010

To: America
From: Dick (Cowboy) Locke

Reference: Drug Testing

Well, folks those 12 or 15 fools at the Chrysler Plant in Michigan have got everyone talking. I don’t think I want to ride in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, talk about factory recalls. Those fools weren’t worried about their co-workers or the consumer who buys the vehicles they built. The ACLU will probably get involved, saying they were poor souls that need rehab and counseling. The people I saw on video were all full-grown. Talk about “stuck on stupid” making big money and benefits. Some of you will disagree with me on what I write next. I say drug test people that are getting government subsidies you have to get a drug test to get a job. We are working everyday paying taxes and abiding by the law. A lot of folks are getting checks, and drinking and using drugs at our expense. They sit on their backside and get a check the first of every month, and are in better health than you or me. I don’t mind helping folks that need help, but we got too many chicken neck people abusing the system. Folks, it ain’t time to sit on your backside, light up a Camel and watch the world go bye. Get involved talk to your neighbor and family. Vote, get them to vote, if you don’t like what that one you help get elected does, find somebody else to run. Let’s hope someone who gets elected will listen to the working folks who are paying the bills.