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By Alice Du Pont

   There is so much going on downtown Quincy that it would be a shame to miss it. First, I think that the community owes CRA/MainStreet Director Charles Hayes a pat on the back for the work he has put into bringing people downtown. Now we have regulars from Tallahassee and other areas joining our citizens to enjoy music. fun and fellowship.
   I remember the first time Music on the Square was held and and about 25 people showed. But each time the crowd has grown and citizens seem to enjoy the entertainment and the activities going on downtown that good for the family.
   For more years than I care to remember people have complained that "there's nothing to do in Gadsden County." They can't say that anymore. This is not New York and we don't have things going on every night. But I challenge anyone to find more activities free and open to the public in a town this size anywhere in the state.
   Before Music on the Square I talked to a man who had recently moved here from Miami. He said he liked Quincy but the only problem is that there was nothing for him to do. My question, naturally, was what he liked to do. After a few seconds he said he liked to listen to jazz.
   Then I told him about all of the jazz, a lot of it free, one could find in Tallahassee at both universities. Of course he said Tallahassee was too far. I've lived in Miami so I know that the drive to anywhere takes longer than driving to Tallahassee. I called him about Quincyfest and about Music on the Square, I even called about Oktoberfest this weekend and he said there might be "too much noise." He really doesn't want to do anything but complain so it really doesn't  matter what is available. But he is not alone and just as Mister T always says "I pity the fool."
   The show will go on and the naysayers will have deprived themselves of a weekend packed with entertainment and clean family activities. Come early Friday and stake out a good spot to hear Minor Seven featuring from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
   If you want to eat under the stars enjoy vendors selling barbecue, fish, hot dogs, hamburgers, Italian sausages. Beer and wine will be available at the beer garden.
   Early Saturday, Quincy first downtown Farmer's Market will open. From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. some of the freshest fruits and vegetable from local farmers will be available in the open market in the 100 block of South Madison Street, just off the Courthouse Square. There will also be local arts and crafts vendors. It's never too late to begin looking for Christmas gifts and other homemade bargains.
   Food vendors will set up around the Square at 3 p.m. it's a time for people to come outside, get some fresh fall air and chat with neighbors and friends. Maybe you'll see someone you haven't seen in ages.
   All I'm saying is get out of the house and take advantage of what the City of Quincy is trying to do for this community. Shop at our local stores because it's ultimately up to you to support local businesses that will support our community.
   The Saturday night blues featuring two nationally recognized artists for their southern-soul style of music will draw people from all over the region. So come early, pick your spot and enjoy the free concert.