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By Alice Du Pont

   I am so sick of this year's crop of political candidates. I am sick of the nasty, mean-spirited television commercials I grab the remote control as soon as one comes on. I try my very best to dodge them or at least hit the mute button as quickly as possible.
    Most of the voting public really want to know what you can do or at least what plan you have to make ours a better place to live, work, get educated, feel safe and prosper. That's not good enough for some politicians. The presidential election isn't until 2010 but it seems that some politicians have gotten confused along the way and are running against President Obama. Then again, if you don't have anything to offer I guess the next best thing is to attack a bigger target in hopes that someone will vote for you simply because they don't know what you're running for and remember the name.
    I feel that we will all suffocate under the weight of so many commercials by the time Nov. 2 rolls around, there won't be enough of us to vote for anyone. Things in the political world must be bad. Now, I've started seeing little old white-haired ladies begging for votes for their sons. Will they stop at nothing?
    Switching the channels on mamas and grandmamas isn't what I like to do but I have pulled the plug on them too. I don't want to hear from your mother that "you are a good boy" because that's what they're supposed to say and most of them really think that it true. Ask any mother with a child in jail or the Department of Corrections and I would ager than 99 percent refer to their sons as "a good boy."
    So what a mother says about her son won't sway me.
    What I would ideally like to see is a commercial with substance. Our politicians seem to underestimate the voting public. They have, somewhere along the way, decided that we want to hear negatives about the other guy. There has been so mud slinging already that we don't know who is who under the mud. It's hard to sling mud without getting some of it on you and that seems to be all we're getting, two muddy opponents and both are mired in dirt. That's too bad,