Coalition seeks to raise the bar

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By The Staff

Something is stirring. The Gadsden County Coalition for Change believes that students need for us to substantially raise the bar for education. The coalition is the latest of several groups, besides our heroic teachers and school board, to recognize the critical need to get students, parents, grandparents and neighbors involved in this timely endeavor for the sake of our county and our country.

As we reach toward the ultimate goal of total participation by parents and grandparents in a nightly 20-minute review of their student's schoolwork or reading with their student for 20 minutes, we are coordinating a near-extreme makeover of Shanks Middle School at 1400 W. King St. in Quincy. This makeover will provide everyone with an opportunity to see that when an entire village is involved, anything can be accomplished in a very short time, including a dramatic response to raised expectations by students.

So all hands on deck Gadsden County. Tell your student to prepare a special home study space, and get ready for kickoff on July 11 at 8 a.m., continuing through July 18, at Shanks Middle.

Community service hours will be awarded.

Rick Soskis

Gadsden County Coalition for Change