City phone numbers changed

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By Alice Du Pont

If you want to contact anyone at Quincy City Hall, the new number is 681-0200.

The city of Quincy's telephone system is almost complete. The staff, said John Thomas, information technology director, has addressed all of the technical problems. The information technology department began designing the system in October of last year.

"Phase I has been completed. We've installed new hardware such as routers, switches and handsets in city hall and customer service areas. Phase II, the installation of new hardware in the recreation department, warehouse, public works, golf complex and Campbell-Kelly Center, has been completed. The new hardware is scheduled to be installed at the fire department beginning Feb. 2 and installation at the police station will begin Feb. 9," Thomas said.

He said the installation process has been slow because issues relating to the expansion of the network to areas that had not been previously served. The department also had to make sure that no critical services to citizens would be interrupted.

"The numbers at city hall, customer service, recreation, public works and Netquincy have changed. The number for faxes, emergency calls and the police and fire departments are scheduled to change in February. The 627-0506 after-hours number used by OMI for turn-on service, gas leaks, water problems, will not change," Thomas said.

All has not been smooth, Thomas said, citing problems that occurred during installation. Some of the problems included dropped calls, no dial tone, busy signals when the old number is dialed and voice mail not working. All of the problems have been addressed.

To get a list of the new numbers, call city hall at 681-0020, fax a request to 875-3355 or e-mail info@myquincy.net.

Even with the new system, city commissioner Derrick Elias said most people want a human being to answer the telephone and that he has had complaints that no one answers the telephone.

"Ninety percent of the time, they get somebody. When Mrs. Williams goes to lunch she puts it on automatic but that's just a matter of having someone cover when she is at lunch," said Jack McLean, city manager.

Mayor Andy Gay said there were some commission issues that needed to be addressed and he was unable to get through to city hall.

"I'm willing to give it a try," Gay said.