Chief hits streets to provide info on regulations

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By Alice Du Pont

Quincy Police Chief Ferman Richardson went door to door last Thursday morning in the Sunset Acres neighborhood to place door hangers and talk with residents about the stepped up implementation of the city of Quincy's animal nuisance ordinance. The bright, yellow hangers provided compliance information for homeowners.

Donn James and his wife, Sue, were working in their yard on Wallace Drive when Richardson stopped to talk about the the door hanger. James said the number of stray dogs and cats has decreased recently and he thanked police officers for enforcing the ordinance.

"There was a time when we didn't know who to call. The stray dogs would mix in with the neighborhood dogs and pretty soon you'd have puppies running around. The dogs were replaced by cats but you don't see that many any more. I think homeowners are keeping their pets fenced in," James said.

Richardson said that's exactly the reaction he wants to get from animal owners. The Sunset Acres ordinance crackdown is the first in the city, but Richardson said other neighborhoods will follow. Sunset Acres was chosen first because it appeared to have a high number of stray animals and pets that were out of compliance with city rules and regulations. Complaints from residents also prompted city commissioners to ask for increased enforcement of the ordinance.

All dogs and cats 4 months old within the city limits must have a valid tag and proof of rabies vaccination. Tags are $3 each and can be purchased at your local veterinarian or the city clerk's office inside city jall. For more information, contact City Clerk Sylvia Hicks at 618-0030, ext. 6679, or the Quincy Police Department at 627-7111.