Candidate thanks predecessors for contributions

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By The Staff

Gadsden County has many polite and helpful people.  I have had the opportunity to meet many during the past two weeks while campaigning for the District 7 (Wakulla) position on the board of the Talquin Electric Cooperative.  People have listened carefully to my explanation of the petition process by which my name appears on the ballot, have asked thoughtful questions and have expressed some concerns.  Mostly they have really been gracious to a stranger.

I have encouraged members whose names are on the Talquin bill to attend the annual meeting at Shanks Middle School on Saturday morning, to vote for me and perhaps to win a flat screen TV.

I believe our cooperative has responsibility to keep our rates as low as possible, to help us learn to be more efficient in our use of electricity and water, to protect creation and to treat all of us with dignity.  We are fortunate to have a fairly new managing director who has helped our organization with improved management and technology for this new century.

We can thank all board members for giving of their time and skills, for taking their responsibilities seriously and for the excellent condition of our organization.  My opponent has served members with dedication for 30 years.  You may thank him, but I ask that you see my ad in this paper and consider my qualifications for the important job of being a trustee.  You can trust me to keep your interests in mind.

Elinor Elfner