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By The Staff

• I attended the meeting Saturday in Gretna, and was not surprised to find no one from ADAGE was present. They claim to want to be open and honest, but yet we don't see them at meetings like this, when it's a perfect opportunity to answer our questions and concerns.

• I don't see anything wrong with the biomass plant. I think it'll be fine. I grew up with a wood-burning stove for heat, and I'm just fine. No one in my family has any problems from it.

• To the person who pulled out in front me me, running a stop sign, in Quincy the other day: Watch where you're going. I had children in the car with me, and we could have been killed if I hadn't been paying attention.

• What is wrong with our fast food workers around here? They all act like it's a chore to wait on me, when in reality, I'm paying their salaries. Wake up and realize that in these economic times, you should be grateful to have a job. It won't kill you to smile and say thank you to me.

• I saw the letter to the editor in last week's paper from the man who said he felt like the only one who sees that it's likely the hospital will fail. I agree completely. This county cannot afford to have a hospital open, and until we can, I don't think we should attempt it. It will be yet another way our county's leadership has found to lose money for us. No wonder our neighboring counties are laughing at us.

We should have an emergency room type of facility. That's it. And it should be run by someone who knows what they're doing and who will make sure people prepay.

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