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By The Staff

• I don't understand what all the fuss is about with the biomass place in Gretna. It means jobs. And we need jobs in this county.

• I've been reading about the biomass plant and I don't understand why the county or the city (of Gretna) didn't hold public meetings before so the public would be better informed. Didn't they think we'd care? I don't want to breathe all that stuff and I don't want my kids breathing it either.

• I can't believe all the money the kids got together for the Haitians. I think it's just wonderful that they wanted to give back. When you look at the headlines today, it's always full of young people doing bad things.

 It was good to see them doing positive things in last week's paper.

• If this biomass thing happens, what about the inmates at the women's prison in Gretna? Everybody is talking about the kids at Gretna Elementary, but they get to go home at the end of the day. The population at that prison are just sitting ducks.

• What is so wrong with bringing jobs to Gretna? That's what the people there need...work. So the plant will put out some fumes. So what? At least people will have jobs and can feed their families. I think people are making too much of this.

• I think the city commission in Gretna needs to do their homework before they approve something that is so harmful to us all. I can't believe they agreed to this biomass incinerator without even seeming to know all the facts.

And no one appears to want to talk about it. Something is not right. The people at ADAGE say they want to be transparent, but they aren't giving us straight answers. Something is not right.

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