BOCC keeps 2008 millage rate

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By Alice Du Pont

The Gadsden County Board of Commissioners passed a 2009 millage rate of 8.9064 on Aug. 3, the same as in 2008. Commissioner Brenda Holt was unsuccessful in her attempt to convince fellow commissioners to raise the rate to the maximum  of 10 mills, saying the board could always lower it but could not raise it.

By keeping the same millage rate as the county, based on adjusted taxable value in 2008, the county stands to lose $211,532 or a decrease of approximately 1.70 percent. The loss of revenue, coupled with nearly $417 million in revenue losses, could spell financial trouble for the county. To break even, according to a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the management and budget office, the county would need to raise the millage rate to 9.2891. This rate would have brought in $12,753,675 million and is considered the rolled back rate.

The rolled back rate is the tax that would bring in the amount of dollars from the previous year. Whenever a taxing authority does not reduce the millage rate to an amount that would bring in the same dollars, it is generating increased revenue.

Information provided by Property Appraiser Clay VanLandingham shows that the current year's adjusted taxable value is $1.372 billion. However, new construction in the county was $35,995,887 million, a decrease of $26,620,414 million since last year.

A millage rate is the amount per $1,000 that is used to calculate taxes on property. The value of the property times the millage rate equals the taxes, said Mike Moore of the Gadsden County Property Appraiser's Office.