Arrest brings to end string of robberies in Havana, says LEO

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By Alice Du Pont

Gadsden County Sheriff's Office Investigator Brian Faison said he believes the arrest last week of 21-year-old Anthony Resnard Youmas may have brought an end to the recent string of Havana-area burglaries.

"We were averaging two, maybe three burglaries per day. Since his arrest we haven't had any," Faison said.

Youmas was arrested after Deputy Buddy Knight, while on routine patrol, spotted a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a residence around 2:35 p.m. on Champion Oaks Drive. When Knight went to investigate, he noticed four men standing outside of the car, two of the men were trying to secure a "very large flat screen television with rope," according to a report released by the GCSO.

Knight wrote that when he approached the car the men get into it and left the scene. He followed the men and stopped the vehicle. Youmas got out of the car and while he was talking with Knight, the others left him with the officer.

A short time later the vehicle, in which the other three men were riding, was involved in an accident on Fourth Street in Havana. The three fled the scene, leaving a Beretta Tomcat Blue Steel 32-caliber automatic handgun in the driver's seat.

Minutes later a burglary was discovered on Shadyrest Road, near where the men were parked and trying to secure the television. The front door had been kicked off the hinges and among the items stolen, according to the homeowner, was a 52-inch Sony flatscreen TV, a Beretta Tomcat 32-caliber pistol, a Cannon camera, a laptop computer, a CD player, an iPOD and various pieces of jewelry.

Faison said a criminal history check of Youmas revealed numerous felony convictions in Leon County and Georgia.