Along Twin Ponds Road

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By Ray Willis

“I must be nuts to be taking this walk in the dark again.  You know there are wild critters in these parts.  What if they’re hungry or  rabid?  Fool, you really should pack your rod, or at least take your walking stick.  Then you’d have a fighting chance if you were attacked.”

On a few days of late these have been among my thoughts while walking along my usual Twin Ponds route.  There are street lights along the way, but that wouldn’t stop a bear or Florida wildcat from attacking me.

I have started out on a few of these early morning walks, walked a few hundred yards and turned around because it really was too dark; I wouldn’t be able to view my assailant.

What is it that makes us keep on going even when we are in situations where there really is a potentially dangerous element in the picture?   In my case, I’m not always sure.

During most of my walks in the dark my thoughts might be: “God is close by.  He will keep me safe from harm.“  On those mornings I just continue ever onward, knowing full well there is no man or beast who’s going to mess with me.  It’s almost as if I am defying logic in these cases. 

I’m sure you have encountered situations similar to mine when you find yourself performing some action that really could be harmful for you or your family, but you go right on.   Just what is it that makes us do things like this?

Why, on some of my walks, do I turn around to check behind me?  Why, today, are my usual positive, spiritual thoughts interrupted by spurts of images with blood and gore?  You know what I mean, on those days I actually turn around to make sure the boogeyman or a bear or panther isn’t behind me?

Now don’t tell me you haven’t been in a situation similar to mine and that you didn’t turn around to make sure the boogeyman wasn’t following you.  I know you’ve also looked under the bed a time or two or checked the closets once in awhile on those occasions when he might be around.

Yep, Satan must have something to do with these doubts for many of us.  You’ve heard all about this, I’m sure. He’s been around on some of my early morning walks.

There are just days when I am able to handle him better than on  others. I can continue my walk, knowing full well that God is control and is not going to allow me, a good man most of the time; a Christian man who has been doing his best to treat his brothers and sisters the best he can, to be bothered by the likes of a killer in the form of man or beast.

What about those dark mornings when I do turn around and return home because my reasoning powers seem to overrule my faith or confidence that it is not too early to be out walking in the woods?

I haven’t figured it out yet.  I do know that I don’t want my 9mm pistol strapped around my waist when I venture out for a walk or a jog.  I don’t even like taking my walking stick, which I never have used for its designed purpose  yet.  I take it sometimes just in case I am attacked by a killer cat or bear.   After all, the stick is solid and ominous enough looking that it should deter any potential attacker.

Of course, my wife, Judy, thinks I’m nuts.  “Do you really think that walking stick is going to protect you?” is one of her favorite responses regarding that weapon of defense.

One thing’s for sure for us Christians.  We know that even though the dark can be awfully ominous or foreboding at times, having faith in God enables us to take those early morning walks or perform undertakings in our daily lives which really could be dangerous for us.